Il sito riferisce che sarà attivo fino al 15 settembre 2018 il concorso MSD Animal Health Community Award, promosso appunto da MSD Animal Health, leader mondiale nell’ambito della prevenzione veterinaria, con l’obiettivo di premiare le eccellenze italiane che operano nell’ottica della salute animale.

Il bando vuole valorizzare tutte le azioni, iniziative, progetti, volti a garantire ogni giorno il benessere degli animali e di conseguenza l’aumento della qualità dei prodotti e della produttività delle mandrie.

Il concorso è aperto a tutti e prevede tre categorie.

Una in particolare è per noi di notevole rilevanza:  

  • allevamento sostenibile, dedicato principalmente agli allevatori, volto a premiare l’applicazione di soluzioni innovative per migliorare il benessere animale.

Per la mission aziendale di Due A il benessere animale è un punto fondamentale.

Da sempre, nella realizzazione di strutture e allevamenti, Due A ha voluto garantire condizioni ottimali per le mandrie e per l’allevatore, così che la permanenza in stalla fosse il più agevole e semplice possibile e, allo stesso tempo, il prodotto realizzato avesse ottime proprietà.

Per realizzare ciò, il passaggio principale è eseguire una progettazione attenta e dettagliata dell’impianto.

A livello strutturale e di allestimento sono molti gli elementi da inserire: reti e cupolini per l’areazione, corridoi per la viabilità e sistemi di pulizia, lettiere o cuccette per le zone riposo, abbeveratoi, linee di alimentazione, impianti di ventilazione e raffrescamento.

I nostri tecnici progettisti e i referenti commerciali sapranno guidarvi in tutte le fasi, a partire dalle vostre idee fino alla realizzazione di un allevamento completo, mettendo al primo posto il benessere della mandria e la vostra necessità di lavorare in un ambiente salubre e di facile gestione.


As reported by the website the 114th edition of FierAgricola will be held in Verona from Wednesday 29 January to Saturday 1 February 2020.

2018 Fieragricola edition ended with over 130 thousand visitors, consolidating the figure of the previous edition and confirming itself among the most attractive international events at the European level.
The topics dealt with in this fair were, in particular, the international issues related to economic, environmental and social sustainability, which have been leading the zootechnical companies and all the links in the food supply chain for some time now; the subject of precision agriculture was also dealt with, the model conceived by the EU centered on the environmental and economic sustainability of the choices in the agrarian field.

For 2020 FierAgricola Verona will focus on the areas of animal husbandry and agricultural mechanization, but also renewable energy, the circular economy (based on regeneration, reuse and recycling) and services.

In view of this new event, Due A Srl is already at work: our internal design office is studying new products aimed at improving the welfare of the animals and the ease of management of the farms, to be presented to the operators of the sector, to keep up with an increasingly dynamic and demanding market.

Even the ideas for the new stand are not lacking, but our distinctive signs will remain constant: the logo with the unmistakable red color and the reproductions of the structures: arched tunnel, Vertical tunnel and Ovile tunnel, which during the last editions received a notable success, and proved to be an excellent way to show customers the main features of our products!

Obviously our technical-commercial staff will be present to satisfy all your curiosities!


For some years the consumer has not been satisfy with having any other agri-food product, but claims the healthiest and most natural top of the range.

Specifically in the dairy sector is increasing the demand for “milk-hay”, the milk from animals fed only with hay, used for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano (produced exclusively with this type of milk).

Just on the subject of fodder, took place on May 16th, in Modena, a meeting organized by Nova Agricoltura, to discuss various aspects related to this product: its cultivation and harvesting, the relationship between quality of forage and yield of cattle, the requirements that make hay-milk suitable to be transformed into Parmigiano Reggiano. (from Informatore Zootecnico nr.10 / 31.05.18)

In order for the fodder to arrive in the stable still rich in all its organoleptic properties, it is necessary that the best technologies are used during cultivation, harvesting and storage.

In terms of storage, Due A proposes the Tunnel as the optimal solution.

Whether arched or straight leg, the tunnel is an economic solution but at the same time allows you to store the hay, keeping it in excellent condition and reducing product losses.

Its iron structure, with a PVC cover, prevents water from entering; the opening heads, the mesh windows on the eardrums and the possible addition of fans allow the interior rooms to be aired, reducing condensation and moisture formation.

Contact us for more information; our technicians will be ready to answer all your questions.


In the calves boxes it rests and eats the future of your business. Targeted investments are usually made on the herd in production, losing sight of the growth and longevity of the animals that will guarantee the company’s future. For this reason, Due A has studied a system that guarantees a healthy and easily managed environment in the first days of life.

It is a system that cleverly groups calves born in the company into a single module that, in addition to being tailor-made according to the stable, creates an ideal environment for the first three months of life, easy to manage, and that meets all the requirements of animal welfare, in the various seasons and in different situations.

The new Due A modular calf stable is suitable for both small and large farms; it can range from 20 to 80 seats, and can be used for animals from 0 to 30 days or from 0 to 90 days, depending on the type of growth and type of breeding.

The Due A calf stable is a warming environment during the winter, and in summer guarantees the maximum natural and artificial ventilation, keeping the calves protected from the sun and the elements; in this way it is a healthy environment, and at the same time easy to manage in terms of power distribution and daily cleaning management. Here are some photos of plants already started, which are giving excellent results.

Passed in 90 days of stay in calf stable, the animals can be transferred to multiple boxes, where they will rest in litter and start to develop, making a difference for the future.

We believe that making the animal live in a healthy environment, from the first days of life, and always keeping in mind the restrictive rules on the use of medicines, can really make a difference on future levels of profitability.

As always, our technicians are available for further technical and economic information.

From the Due A, here are the new tunnels for animal welfare

Below is the article published in the publication nr 2 of 15.03.18 of the “Allevatori Top” sector magazine, in the Special AgriUmbria section.

On this occasion, we invite you to visit the following link, to learn more about “Allevatori Top” and its interesting contents!


For the farms in the areas affected by the earthquake, the Italian company has developed a package of products tested in the field, which combine safety, resistance to atmospheric events and animal health, and which put ruminants in the conditions to perform at their best.

From the Due A, here are the new tunnels for animal welfare

Once upon a time there were the emergency stalls passed by the Region in the immediate post-earthquake. Those “pre-packaged” tunnels, with sloped columns and hermetically closed, which have sprung up like mushrooms in the earthquake areas. Then, since last July, the purchase procedures have changed, and today the breeder has in fact the possibility of being subsidized the product of his preference. “And finally we builders – adds Andrea Antonini, owner of the Due A of Villalta di Gazzo (Pd) – we are no longer bound to provide facilities according to what was the tender specifications. Therefore, as Due A, we offer breeders vertical-column tunnels, equipped with gates and fixed fences. These structures are in any case economic, but definitely more performing, and are resistant to snow and other atmospheric events typical of the mountain climate, and are designed to ensure full animal welfare conditions for sheep and cattle “.

Properly ventilated

Let’s start with the ventilation, which is essential to prevent condensation: “in our tunnels – underlines Antonini – natural ventilation is ensured by the central dome, which together with the re-closable mesh windows, present on the sides of the tunnel in proportion to its length, it creates a suitable flow of air circulation: the fresh air enters from the windows and from the windscreen comes out hot and stale air. To this can be added the forced ventilation, provided by fans positioned on the tunnel heads. In addition, as far as cattle are concerned, we can supply structures equipped with a motorized windbreak network on one side of the structure, before which we can then place the external paddock for the heifers, which thus have the opportunity to perform functional gymnastics they need to get in shape to the first fertilization and the first birth “. Inside the tunnels, here are the boxes, which can be modified in width and length according to your needs.

Modular structures

“We then realized – continues our interlocutor – a package of modular structures, where each module is standardized, 6 meters long. So the breeder, based on the number of animals to be managed, can choose 12 to 42 meters long tunnels. These are always removable tunnels, easy to dismantle and reassemble, respectful of animal welfare: inside they are equipped with bedding for overnight shelter, in case the company practices grazing, or traditional intensive bedding. In this second case it is provided the equipment of motorized feeders, or the classic feeders in cement with self-capture. Moreover, if the structure is destined for sheep and goats, the litter boxes are not equipped with flooring, to ensure that the flock constantly tramples a surface similar to that found on the pastures. If instead it is a tunnel for cattle, the litter has a concrete part, but at the disposal of the animals there is always a paddock “.

Windbreak and shading nets

Due A Srl also proposes alternative systems to the classic side in cement or panel: the shading windbreaker nets, applicable to new realizations or in addition to existing structures.

This product, entirely designed and installed by our technical staff, has multiple advantages.

Having the nets as side infill, allows to limit the solar radiation inside the stables, thus avoiding excessive heating of the rooms.

At the same time, however, the networks allow to ventilate, avoiding the “greenhouse” effect; combining the use of nets with the application of fairing and fans, the ventilation of the stables can be improved considerably, greatly reducing the negative effects of heat stress; it is possible to direct the various drafts, favoring natural ventilation.

During the colder seasons, on the other hand, the nets make it possible to isolate the internal environments from the air currents, helping to keep the temperatures constant.

They are very useful even in case of rain: thanks to their thick weave, which makes them almost impermeable, they prevent the rain from wetting the bedding or the foraging lanes.

Due A nets are entirely made of stabilized polyethylene monofilament, with a tight and warp-knit weave, very resistant to wear over time and breakage.

The weave is diagonal, with 90% of the closed part. They are packaged with a border reinforced by a tape of 50 mm and Vl80 eyelets spaced from each other. The whole support structure is in galvanized iron.

If necessary, you can apply finishing tinsmiths, designed to measure.

Manual or motorized opening systems can be applied to the nets, which raise them from the bottom to the top, allowing the walls of the structures to be opened.

For any further information, or for a custom design, contact our offices!!

Ventilation and cooling systems

Even if the temperatures today do not make us think about the summer, we know very well that the change of season and the increase in temperatures could come suddenly.

And we know very well that animals in a stable that is not well ventilated and refreshed, will suffer very high temperatures, with an inevitable decline in production and this will result in a loss of profit for the breeder.

The optimal temperature for the cattle goes from 7 °C to 20 °C, and the humidity rate around 40/50%.

Over these values ​​the body temperature will start to rise and the animal will ingest less food; consequently the reproductive parameters will worsen, and the milk produced will start to decrease in terms of both quantity and quality (fat and protein).

To avoid or reduce these losses, a few small measures are sufficient.

Our ventilation and cooling systems, studied in every detail, are excellent systems to combat heat and to limit the problems deriving from it.


“Due A” destratifiers have a “Brushless” motor with permanent magnets with integrated electronics, a power of 0.5 to 1 kW, very high energy efficiency, low power consumption and maximum silence.

To this motor is fixed an anti-fall impeller, which supports 6 aluminum blades, complete with deflectors.

The diameter varies from 2 to 7m, depending on the size of the barn.


Cooling systems, on the other hand, include a fan system to ventilate the dormitories, and a second system on the supply area.

It consists of two elements: the showers that bathe the animals, and the fans that, inserted in the feeding lane, dry the cows’ mantle, extracting the heat and lowering the body temperature.


The latest generation control unit works combined with temperature and humidity probes that allow continuous control of environmental conditions, and regulates the speed of the destratifiers, increasing or decreasing it automatically. In the event that the ventilation system is coordinated with the cooling system, the temperature / humidity probes transmits the data to the control unit, which regulates the bath-drying cycles, according to the environmental conditions.

Due A Srl offers advice for the sizing of the plants and the right design, based on the size and settings of the barn. A well-designed plant allows the farmer to quickly re-enter the initial investment, improving reproductive parameters and the quantity and quality of the milk.

Tunnel OVILE for sheep and goats

With the increase, in recent years, of sheep goat breeding, the demand for structures and equipment suitable for developing this type of activity has also increased.

Due A Srl has therefore embarked on a specific training course, and has designed and developed a line dedicated to goats and sheep.

The first new proposal is the TUNNEL OVILE.

Starting from the concept of tensile structure, now well known to us, we have created a tunnel with vertical column and gable roof, with reduced height, and with the possibility of applying multiple upgrading accessories.

This structure has low costs, and could be used both in case of permanent breeding and as a simple night shelter.

Like all our tunnels, it consists of a hot-dip galvanized iron structure, anchoring with pickets or plates, a high-strength PVC tarpaulin cover, and is in line with current Italian and European regulations.

Tunnel OVILE could be completed with fixed closures or sliding doors on the heads.

To improve ventilation, especially in the hottest periods, we have created a series of specific accessories:

– Windows in net on the gable and polycarbonate fairing, which allow the hot air to escape from the upper part of the tunnel

– Side re-closable windows, which allow air and light to enter the entire length of the structure

– Side windbreaker networks: they replace the walls in canvas and allow the sides of the structure to be completely opened

– Application of fans for air exchange

To protect the structure, wood panels have been set up in the part in contact with the animals, which reduce the wear of the structural and covering elements.

In addition to the tunnel we have designed the line of internal equipment: headlock panels for animals with and without horns, tubes for feeding line, drinking troughs, gates, fixed feeders and motorized feeders.

Each internal setting is developed and designed in agreement with the customer, according to specific needs.

Tunnel for storage use

Our tensile structures could be used as stables for the breeding of cattle and sheep or goats, but originally they were designed to be used as deposits, in place of the classic concrete structures.

Our tunnels are certifiable and calculable, in line with current Italian and European regulations (DM 2008 / UNI EN 13782), and considered structures of the removable type, with a temporary nature.

We offer two types of structures, different from each other, and each with its own characteristics.

The first type is the ARC TUNNEL.

It is a self-supporting structure with a single arch, with columns anchored to the ground by single or double picket.

The load-bearing structure consists of a galvanized steel section (measures 70×70 – 80×80 – 100×100), with heads and arches connected to each other and braced.

The pitch between the columns can vary from 1.5 to 2 m, depending on the zone loads.

The second type is the TUNNEL VERTICAL.

This is also a self-supporting structure with arched roof and vertical columns, fixed to the ground by means of a six-hole plate and relative stakes in the case of soil or, in the case of concrete, a plate complete with mechanical and chemical fixings.

The reticular structure is composed of steel profiles (size 50×50) welded to each other and hot-dip galvanized after processing, 3 m step with heads and arches connected to each other and braced.

Both are covered with a canvas made of high strength polyester woven, PVC coated on both sides, with a weight of about 700 gr / sqm.

This is a self-extinguishing “Class 2” sheet which, placed in contact with the flame, carbonises without transmitting it and without releasing incandescent particles (does not burn); if the flame fails the carbonization stops by itself.

It is usable with temperatures from -30 to +70 ° C, and has a tensile strength of about 280 DaN / 5 cm, and tear resistance about 32DaN.

For each of the two structures, various accessories are available, which improve ventilation or insulation: ventilation screen, side mesh windows or on gable, fixed headers, sliding doors, nets or side openings.

Our technicians are always available to advise the best solution for each need.

Tunnel for Cattle

The use of tensile structures allows us to realize, even for the breeding of cattle, performing plants which are always respecting the current regulations regarding animal welfare.

It is possible to create covered bedding, even large, respecting the constraint of 15 sqm / head for both the cows in production and for heifers, dividing the spaces in boxes, depending on the age of the animals.

For calves we create covered areas, with lateral and upper openings, which allow to make the most of natural ventilation; for the warmer periods, however, we install the latest generation of fans, which allow you to control and maintain the temperatures constant.

This type of structure is easy to assemble and structurally very resistant: it respects both Italian and European regulations regarding area loads.

The economy of the structure is mainly due to the fact that no building works are necessary to install or finish it.

The internal equipment produced by Due A Srl are very robust and functional.

Our technical office designs plants optimized both from the point of view of the movement of the animal, both for the management and cleaning of the herding system.

With our installations we increase the spaces at the service of the plant, improving the systems of breeding, and we manage to keep the expenditure low, guaranteeing a return on investment in the short period.

It is possible to compare the various solutions, and the various breeding systems, both from a technical and economic point of view.

Our sales engineers, present throughout the national territory and also abroad, are always available to the customer, to provide all the technical information and to develop customized projects and quotations.