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Tank cover

We design, produce and install covers for round, square and rectangular tanks of various types and sizes.


Innovative cover, quick to install without having to empty the tank: ideal solution for drastically reducing the amount of liquid lost to the atmosphere, at the same time stopping the tank filling with rainwater. Due A floating cover: a ground-breaking, latest generation system for covering storage tanks, quick to install and with zero environmental impact. Made from certified Nicoflex material with a perimeter floating system. It is installed in a matter of hours, with the aid of a crane, with no need to change, empty or perform any work on the existing tank.


We also produce tension covers for circular tanks measuring from 6 to 30 m in diameter, installed on prefabricated walls and with a central post, using a fabric that is resistant to the strong ammonia concentrations, steel cables and straps around the outside for correct tensioning.


The increasing focus on optimizing processes – on both the environmental front and in terms of spreading costs – has prompted us to produce a wide range of tension covers for slurry tanks.