Duo pitch tensile structures

Increasing the covered floor area of a business is a very common requirement, and so we have extended our range of fabric-covered structures, catering to the need to expand your production or warehousing capacity, no matter what type of business you are running. Quick-to-install fabric-covered industrial buildings that reduce the cost of your total investment and are just as functional as a traditional prefabricated structure.

Due A duo-pitch fabric-covered buildings can be anchored straight to the ground with a plate-and-stake system, or using special fastening plates for concrete beds and walls. The whole metal frame is made from square tubing, welded into trusses and hot-dip galvanized following welding and machining, joints are reinforced with steel plates and protected with a heat-shrink sheathing that stops the fabric coming into direct contact with the metal.

The cover is made from high-strength PVC sheeting, specially designed to provide years of leakproof service. It has a “class 2” self-extinguishing rating and can be used with temperatures in the -30 to +70 °C range. The greatest pluses with this type of structure are speed of installation, cost effectiveness and less red tape, though each case depends on individual council regulations. All Due A tensile structures are designed – and its relevant calculations may be performed – based on current regulations* (which in Italy refer to the decree D.M. 17/01/2018), taking into account the exact installation site.

Available sizes

Available widths: 10.40 – 12.40* – 14.40* – 16.60* m
*with tie beam

Available widths: 24.40* – 28.40* m
*with tie beam

Lengths in multiples of 3m or 2m

Available accessories: Gables with tubular panel support grid, full fixed end wall, end wall with single large sliding door or 2 rigid doors

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