Sheep and goat shed

Complete sheep and goat facilities

Manufacture of complete livestock facilities. More than just iron sheds for sheep farming and goat sheds, what we offer is a turnkey project designed down to the smallest detail to be functional, tailored to the goats or sheep and, of course, to your needs as a farmer, to improve animal welfare and make your daily job easier.

We are with you every step of the way, taking your sheep or goat farming idea and developing it into a prefabricated shed design, complete with the whole shed interior and all the accessories needed to farm your animals.


The experience acquires over the years allows us to create quality livestock structures, complete with all the interior of sheep or goat stables, accessories for breeding and grazing, considering the viability and the activities that the farmer must do every day .

We build prefabricated stables for sheltering animals for sheep or goat breeding, sheep stables, shelter for night sheep, goat stable and stables for dairy sheep.

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