Windbreak shade mesh panels

Controlling the shed’s microclimate is essential to promote animal welfare, which is why it is important to install movable systems that allow you to adapt the climate inside as atmospheric conditions change.

Due A windbreak shade mesh panels protect from the wind and limit heat from the sun’s rays, avoiding direct exposure: the system can be closed or opened fully as needs dictate. It is the best solution for providing shelter from the sun, wind and direct rain.

All Due A windbreak shade mesh panels are custom designed and made up to suit the individual application and are installed and finished by specialist personnel.

Used materials

The windbreak cloth is made of mono-wire stabilized polyethylene, with a dense and warp-resistant weft, diagonal with 90% of closed part. Reinforced edging, galvanized iron support bracket, sliding guides with certified belts. They can be fixed or motorized windbreak nets with remote control that allows remote control, so you can raise or lower the nets in an easy and fast way.

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