Pay attention to the feeding of cattle in the summer

The feeding of cattle is a delicate issue and a process that deserves particular attention, from mowing to conservation and distribution, to make sure that animals have the highest level of health and, consequently, also humans. As we all know, cattle are part of the ruminant family, a category of herbivores including goats, sheep, deer … Continue reading “Pay attention to the feeding of cattle in the summer”

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Regulation of the microclimate in the stall barn and natural ventilation

The summer season is just around the corner, and with it, the needs of farm cattle become even more apparent. The observation and management of dairy cows is, from their very first moments of life, an increasingly delicate process that requires constant updating and maintenance to ensure that their environment is welcoming and conducive to … Continue reading “Regulation of the microclimate in the stall barn and natural ventilation”

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Haymaking: processes and risks

The world of animal husbandry is paying more and more attention to every aspect of the life of the animals being raised. In particular, to keep cows healthy and at high levels of productivity it is essential to control their nutrition. Quality in the fodder production process It is necessary, therefore, to ensure the quality … Continue reading “Haymaking: processes and risks”

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Environmental sustainability means recyclability and durability, and steel is indeed sustainable! In fact, it is the most recycled material in the world (approximately 14 tonnes are recycled every second). Italy is the leading European country in terms of ferrous metal scrap recycling, with an average of roughly 20 million tonnes per year of material that … Continue reading “STEEL IS SUSTAINABLE: FIND OUT WHY IN THIS ARTICLE”

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Steel represents the most up-to-date synthesis of engineering and architecture, creating constructions that translate into profitable investments over time. Thanks to its powerful expressiveness and its elasticity and malleability, the architectural work and the structural work interpret one another, enhancing the design and its particular features. Treatments such as galvanizing and painting or the use … Continue reading “WHY BUILD A STRUCTURE IN STEEL?”

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