Agricultural hoop shelters

Agricultural hoop shelter, a self-bearing structure that can be anchored straight to the ground with stakes and plates. This means there is no need for concrete foundations, hence the building goes up quicker and there are no lengthy bureaucratic procedures (this will depend on the local council where the building is installed). Originally designed as a shelter for hay and for storing forage and grain as it allows you to exploit the whole surface area, its impressive versatility means it can also be used as an agricultural machinery shed, equipment storage shed or warehouse.

Due A uses a single-, double- or triple-stake system, designed to provide a secure hold on the ground, which is essential for the building’s stability.

The hoop shelter is made from Sendzimir galvanized square tubing, the arched trusses are connected to each other with joints, C-channel purlins and X-braces, which increase load capacity at the points under the greatest stress.

All joint points are protected with heat-shrink sheathing that stops the fabric coming into contact with and rubbing against the metal framework.

The cover is made from PVC-coated fabric, woven from high-strength polyester, designed and produced specially with industry experts to deliver the best possible performance for this purpose.


Standard hoop shelter, ideal for flat areas. Made from 70×70 or 80×80 square tubing with 1.5m truss spacing. This structure can be certified and is suitable for use where a temporary structure is required.

Available widths: 7.90 – 8.20 – 9.20 – 10.20 – 10.30 – 12 – 12.20 m

Hoop shelter with reinforced frame, suitable for use in the mountains and high-wind areas. Made from 100×100 square tubing with 2 m, 1.5 m or 1 m truss spacing. This structure’s calculations may be performed according to the Italian regulations dictated by the decree DM 17/01/2018.

Available widths: 7.90 – 8.20 – 9.20 – 10.20 – 10.30 – 12 – 12.20 – 13.30* m (*not available with 2m spacing)

Hoop shelter with 80×40 rectangular tubing frame and simplified staking. This structure has been created to give customers the option of doing the assembly themselves, making it even more cost effective.
Fixed width: 10.20 m

Available accessories: Gables with tubular panel support grid, full fixed end wall, end wall with single large sliding door.

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