Cattle and buffalo shed

Consultancy and design

Choosing a new cattle or buffalo shed is one of the most important investments for a farmer, so it is important to come up with a functional design that takes into account the project as a whole to ensure it is sustainable and will pay for itself in the short term. We will assist you in developing your cattle farming idea, drawing on experience gained in the industry and thus producing the perfect design for your complete prefabricated shed, including the whole shed interior and all the accessories needed to farm your animals.

Manufacture of complete livestock facilities: more than just a prefabricated freestall shed, what we offer is a project designed down to the smallest detail, tailored to the cows or buffaloes and, of course, to your needs as a farmer, to improve animal welfare and make your daily job easier.


Experience gained over the years means we are in a position to produce quality livestock structures, complete with shed interiors, taking into account stock flow and the activities farmers must perform on a daily basis. More specifically, we produce prefabricated buildings for cattle farming, dairy cattle sheds, fattening cattle sheds, prefabricated bull sheds, cow-calf operation lines and buffalo farming sheds.

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