Sheep and goat fabric farm shelter

The Ovile fabric structure is designed as a shelter and night enclosure for sheep and goats. With its versatile design, it has been developed as an excellent solution for a modern, affordable sheep and goat shed. This structure can be built with no concrete foundations at all or, where necessary, with just a limited amount of concrete work, resulting in considerable savings in terms of total investment and building time.

We have produced various types of Ovile fabric farm shelters as part of our standard product range, covering the various stages of the animal’s life, from growth to lactation: we can advise you on the most suitable size based on stock numbers.

As a night enclosure, the Ovile Pen fabric farm shelter is designed as a shelter for grazing animals, as protection against night predators and, more generally, to provide shelter during the “more challenging” seasons. It is staked directly into the ground, has a low environmental impact and, if dismantled, leaves the area exactly as it was before.

Ovile fabric shelter for sheep and goats with motorized feeder: the ideal solution for lactating animals as the feeding system’s mechanization speeds up daily feeding operations, makes cleaning bedding areas easier and provides for better space and herd management by separating them into different groups.

The complete Mini-Stalla (Mini-Shed) Ovile fabric shelter is the ideal solution for managing the whole production cycle of small herds. With a painstaking design of the internal setup, the structure and compact spaces can handle all the various stages: from the birthing pen to the space for lactating sheep and goats, as well as space for replacement and dry ewes and goats, all of which can be fitted with relevant exits to access pasture land outside.

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