26 June 2019

Windbreak and shading nets

Due A Srl also proposes alternative systems to the classic side in cement or panel: the shading windbreaker nets, applicable to new realizations or in addition to existing structures.

This product, entirely designed and installed by our technical staff, has multiple advantages.

Having the nets as side infill, allows to limit the solar radiation inside the stables, thus avoiding excessive heating of the rooms.

At the same time, however, the networks allow to ventilate, avoiding the “greenhouse” effect; combining the use of nets with the application of fairing and fans, the ventilation of the stables can be improved considerably, greatly reducing the negative effects of heat stress; it is possible to direct the various drafts, favoring natural ventilation.

During the colder seasons, on the other hand, the nets make it possible to isolate the internal environments from the air currents, helping to keep the temperatures constant.

They are very useful even in case of rain: thanks to their thick weave, which makes them almost impermeable, they prevent the rain from wetting the bedding or the foraging lanes.

Due A nets are entirely made of stabilized polyethylene monofilament, with a tight and warp-knit weave, very resistant to wear over time and breakage.

The weave is diagonal, with 90% of the closed part. They are packaged with a border reinforced by a tape of 50 mm and Vl80 eyelets spaced from each other. The whole support structure is in galvanized iron.

If necessary, you can apply finishing tinsmiths, designed to measure.

Manual or motorized opening systems can be applied to the nets, which raise them from the bottom to the top, allowing the walls of the structures to be opened.

For any further information, or for a custom design, contact our offices!!



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