26 April 2018

Tunnel and Tarpaulin covers

Due A team is in continuous training in way to propose and supply innovative and up-to-date articles.

The flagship product of our range are “Tunnels” which are structures quick to produce and install, economical and lasting over time.

The main structure is made of square and galvanized steel tubes that are connected to each other by means of special bolted joints, forming an arch. This arch is anchored to the ground by means of tubular galvanized steel fixed in the ground for a depth that ensures stability based on the geotechnical characteristics of the soil. The arches are positioned parallel to a variable distance, depending on the type of tunnel, connected to each other by means of C-profiles placed horizontally along the entire length of the structure. Every 3/4 arches is placed a braced field made of galvanized steel plates. The cover is made of a self-extinguishing 700 g / m2 PVC sheet, tensioned with ratchets anchored to the base of each arch.

For the installation of such structures it is necessary only a level ground, no foundation works in concrete are necessary, and no excavations or land recoveries.

Moreover, if necessary, the structure can be dismantled and reassembled on another site without altering the morphological characteristics of the ground.

The first tunnels were intended to be simple deposits for raw materials and equipment or machinery. Than they were used more and more even for the shelter of animals, up to replace very well the classic buildings in concrete and being used as stables in all respects.

Due A offers different types of Tunnel and tarpaulin covers:

“ARC TUNNEL” ideal as fodder storage and raw materials

“VERTICAL TUNNEL” for the storage of hay and storage of agricultural machinery

“SHEEPFOLD TUNNEL” designed for the shelter of animals, both temporary and for long periods

Widths proposed are standard, while the length is modular and varies according to the customer’s needs.

A lot of additional elements can be applied such as side windows or on the gable, dome and side nets that improve the internal ventilation and limit the formation of condensation.

Furthermore, each structure can be completed with fixed closures and sliding or rigid sliding doors.

Given the intended use, the characteristics of flexibility, lightness and materials used, the structure is considered of a removable type with a temporary nature in accordance with the UNI EN 13782 standard.

Finally, our tensile structures guarantee snow and wind loads, as required by current regulations.


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