26 June 2019

From the Due A, here are the new tunnels for animal welfare

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For the farms in the areas affected by the earthquake, the Italian company has developed a package of products tested in the field, which combine safety, resistance to atmospheric events and animal health, and which put ruminants in the conditions to perform at their best.

From the Due A, here are the new tunnels for animal welfare

Once upon a time there were the emergency stalls passed by the Region in the immediate post-earthquake. Those “pre-packaged” tunnels, with sloped columns and hermetically closed, which have sprung up like mushrooms in the earthquake areas. Then, since last July, the purchase procedures have changed, and today the breeder has in fact the possibility of being subsidized the product of his preference. “And finally we builders – adds Andrea Antonini, owner of the Due A of Villalta di Gazzo (Pd) – we are no longer bound to provide facilities according to what was the tender specifications. Therefore, as Due A, we offer breeders vertical-column tunnels, equipped with gates and fixed fences. These structures are in any case economic, but definitely more performing, and are resistant to snow and other atmospheric events typical of the mountain climate, and are designed to ensure full animal welfare conditions for sheep and cattle “.

Properly ventilated

Let’s start with the ventilation, which is essential to prevent condensation: “in our tunnels – underlines Antonini – natural ventilation is ensured by the central dome, which together with the re-closable mesh windows, present on the sides of the tunnel in proportion to its length, it creates a suitable flow of air circulation: the fresh air enters from the windows and from the windscreen comes out hot and stale air. To this can be added the forced ventilation, provided by fans positioned on the tunnel heads. In addition, as far as cattle are concerned, we can supply structures equipped with a motorized windbreak network on one side of the structure, before which we can then place the external paddock for the heifers, which thus have the opportunity to perform functional gymnastics they need to get in shape to the first fertilization and the first birth “. Inside the tunnels, here are the boxes, which can be modified in width and length according to your needs.

Modular structures

“We then realized – continues our interlocutor – a package of modular structures, where each module is standardized, 6 meters long. So the breeder, based on the number of animals to be managed, can choose 12 to 42 meters long tunnels. These are always removable tunnels, easy to dismantle and reassemble, respectful of animal welfare: inside they are equipped with bedding for overnight shelter, in case the company practices grazing, or traditional intensive bedding. In this second case it is provided the equipment of motorized feeders, or the classic feeders in cement with self-capture. Moreover, if the structure is destined for sheep and goats, the litter boxes are not equipped with flooring, to ensure that the flock constantly tramples a surface similar to that found on the pastures. If instead it is a tunnel for cattle, the litter has a concrete part, but at the disposal of the animals there is always a paddock “.



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