26 June 2019


In the calves boxes it rests and eats the future of your business. Targeted investments are usually made on the herd in production, losing sight of the growth and longevity of the animals that will guarantee the company’s future. For this reason, Due A has studied a system that guarantees a healthy and easily managed environment in the first days of life.

It is a system that cleverly groups calves born in the company into a single module that, in addition to being tailor-made according to the stable, creates an ideal environment for the first three months of life, easy to manage, and that meets all the requirements of animal welfare, in the various seasons and in different situations.

The new Due A modular calf stable is suitable for both small and large farms; it can range from 20 to 80 seats, and can be used for animals from 0 to 30 days or from 0 to 90 days, depending on the type of growth and type of breeding.

The Due A calf stable is a warming environment during the winter, and in summer guarantees the maximum natural and artificial ventilation, keeping the calves protected from the sun and the elements; in this way it is a healthy environment, and at the same time easy to manage in terms of power distribution and daily cleaning management. Here are some photos of plants already started, which are giving excellent results.

Passed in 90 days of stay in calf stable, the animals can be transferred to multiple boxes, where they will rest in litter and start to develop, making a difference for the future.

We believe that making the animal live in a healthy environment, from the first days of life, and always keeping in mind the restrictive rules on the use of medicines, can really make a difference on future levels of profitability.

As always, our technicians are available for further technical and economic information.



Il sito  http://www.msd-animal-health.it/community-award-2018/bando.aspx riferisce che sarà attivo fino al 15 settembre 2018 il concorso MSD Animal Health Community Award, promosso appunto da MSD Animal Health, leader mondiale nell’ambito della prevenzione veterinaria, con l’obiettivo di premiare le eccellenze italiane che operano nell’ottica della salute animale. Il bando vuole valorizzare tutte le azioni, iniziative, progetti, volti a garantire … Continue reading “MSD PER IL BENESSERE ANIMALE”

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