Gold farm

“GOLD FARM” the new kind of farm
Innovative, robust and economic solution to the new barn designed and built by us.

Inside we put all our products with a high degree of quality.
The "Life" headlocks for cows, the "Baby" headlocks for smaller calves, or, in the case of beef cattle, the adjustable head tube; flags mod. "Serena" with high measurement flexibility without sacrificing the option of permanent litter; the stainless steel drinking troughs tip with the possibility to heat the water, in order to avoid the ice in winter and watering the animal with an ideal temperature contributing to its welfare and consequently its performance characteristics, fixed gates and fences designed for easy installation and a convenient and quickly entry / exit from the boxes, without having to give up their strength. And finally, the steel cable scraper for cleaning of the wards, with a single system with regard to the safety and control of the force of the animal; in case you need it can be equipped with chains or grinder pumps, ideal for the storage of slurry and manure in a functional and safe way.

The result of all this is a simple and rapid mounting structure, the total price is very competitive, taking into account the diminishing resources used for the construction of stables and still allowing a quick return on investment.

“Gold Farm” born with these dimensions of width: m 13, 14, 15, 17 and 22 and an infinite length in modules m 3 (column distance).


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