Plants for nitrogen removal

The technology adopted by DUE A to reduce nitrogen concentration in liquid manure and/or digestate is the nitro-denitro.

The process deals with the liquid fraction output from liquid-solid separator.

The organic and ammonia nitrogen become oxidized to nitrites and nitrates (aerobic phase) and subsequently reduced to molecular nitrogen, gaseous, which is released into atmosphere (anoxic phase).

With this technology could be achieved an overall reduction of the concentration of nitrogen in the manure/digestate in the order of 80%, whereas the nitrogen content in the solid fraction separated does not undergo any treatment.

The overall process does not produce excess sludge and effluent to be disposed. The only output of the system are the solid separated and purified effluent with similar physical characteristics to liquid fraction separated.


DUE A follows the feasibility, design, construction and commissioning of the plant.

The benefits of the treatment of nitro-denitro are:

  • Stabilization of sewage and odor elimination;
  • Reduction of area needed for spreading;
  • Possibility of increase of animals bred in the same surface;
  • Possible overall cost reduction of spreading.


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