Equipments for free livestock

With their ten years of experience in the breeding field, Due A srl have managed to extend their product range to meet all the requirements encountered in dairy cattle farming. Design and production of cattle shed interiors for dairy cattle farming facilities with free and fixed stalling.

From the tailored design of the barn to the layout of the whole shed interior, including all the equipment required to achieve a facility that produces top results in terms of both animal comfort and optimized cattle handling.
The experience gained by Due A has taught them that the animal must be comfortable in its surroundings throughout the facility and that the farmer must be able to manage the whole setup in the best way possible, aided by an excellent facility layout and effective equipment.

All these considerations prompt us to continually upgrade our products, starting with the building which naturally has to be designed carefully down to the last detail to achieve unbeatable comfort and excellent performance in terms of natural ventilation and insulation, including all the necessary equipment:Self-locking (headlocks)

  • Side flags
  • Beds
  • Gates
  • Forage troughs
  • Prefabricated slatted flooring
  • Single or double brushes
  • Rubber flooring and mattresses
  • Nail or hoof care stations
  • Fixed fences
  • Hay bale feeders
  • Exterior drinking troughs for free-grazing cattle
  • Covered shelters, beds and feed rails

Due A also manufactures:

  • Berths and facilities covered feeding passage.
  • Indoor design for dairy cattle barn, complete with all equipment necessary for the optimal management and care of livestock.
  • Lane foraging with headlocks.
  • Arrangement of flags on the bunk in the work setting, complete with hose educator.
  • Flags made to measure adjustable in height and length.


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