Calves for white meat

The design and manufacture of complete facilities and conversion of existing facilities have always been our strengths, with the implementation of cutting-edge solutions in the sector and compliance with legislation on animal welfare.
We produce the structure and barn, right down to mixing of the milk: the end result is a facility designed carefully down to the last detail, including all the equipment required to run the facility. More specifically:

  • stainless steel pens for separating stock with head rails or multiple headgates
  • revolving stainless steel feeder and milk bucket holder
  • concrete and acacia or azobé timber slatted flooring
  • drinking systems
  • fan and natural ventilation
  • ammonia removal systems
  • effluent treatment
  • water heating
  • pasteurizers and mixers
  • complete automatic liquid feed systems
  • mini transporter for forage and relevant treatment


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