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Due A srl was established in 1994 as a supplier of heavy and precision structural steelwork. Through their collaboration with top companies, they straight away gained the technological know-how and experience that would allow them to develop their own products.

Since January 2002, the company's main focus has been the livestock sector, in which it immediately earned a prominent position.

This success was mainly attributable to a strategic area of the company, the DESIGN AND NEW PATENTS DEPARTMENT.

Due A srl today are backed by a dynamic, highly professional staff who can deliver products and services of the highest quality to meet all customer demands.

Due A Srl. at the Livestock Sector Service

DUE A srl since more 20 years operates in zootechnics, thanks to a dynamic and highly professional staff, able to provide its customers a high quality of products and services, in order to best meet the needs of each customer while keeping up with innovation and modern technologies.

DUE A guarantees a high standard of quality and makes use of experienced employees who have a highly professional and polite approach to final customers, to satisfy the most varied demands.


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Due A Srl.

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